Nature for newbies

Come meet to get out of the city together! We will go on a hike of about 10 km in mixed forest and past fine lakes where we enjoy nature with all senses. This walk is for those who want to get out into nature but maybe are unsure about where to go or what to bring. All are welcome! The terrain can be uneven. Wear waterproof shoes and a light raincoat with several layers underneath. Don’t forget swimwear and a towel! We will cook together at a fire place, so pack your backpack with a water bottle, a hot drink in a thermos, and your favourite campfire food, like sausages/halloumi/veggies. Bring something to share if you like.

Contact Florina Lachmann if you have further questions: 0730-92 46 64. We meet at the bus stop Rannebergen Centrum, Göteborg.